1. Friday is College Colors Day — are you wearing purple and gold?

  2. mapsontheweb:

    Most popular cornhole bag color combos by state

    *THE* University of Virginia

    (Source: samscornholebags.com)


  4. "Can you call JMU a dark horse?"

    CAA Football’s video preview of the 2014 JMU Dukes

  5. Awesome video tour of JMU’s campus. 

  6. Coach Everett Withers takes questions from state and local media on the first day of training camp for the Dukes.


  8. The 2014 FCS preseason coaches poll was announced live on ESPNU’s The Blitz. Three-time defending champion North Dakota State is No. 1, obviously. 

    CAA was well-represented, per usual, with six teams in the top-25: 

    4. New Hampshire

    7. Towson

    13. Villanova

    20. Maine

    22. William & Mary 

    24. Richmond

    JMU is in the illustrious ”also receiving votes” section of the poll.