1. Go Dukes. 


  2. Go Dukes!


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    Terps win 42-10. Having went to high school in Virginia with a bunch of future Dukes, they tend to always be on my radar. It’s hard not to like the Everett Winters hire to replace someone like Mickey Matthews (a really solid coach in his own right), and picking up raw talent like Vad “The Impaler” Lee certainly doesn’t hurt. On the defensive side of the ball, [Dean] Marlowe is a rock for you guys, too.

    But this might be one of the most talented team’s Randy Edsall has ever coached - at Maryland or otherwise. Diggs is a nightmare for even the most talented teams to cover, and while the Dukes might be able to shut him down, there are five more guys ready to exact damage. The Terps defense has a track record of obliterating mid-major schools, too; during the Edsall era, Maryland has played a CAA team twice and given up 12 total points.

  4. Friday is College Colors Day — are you wearing purple and gold?

  5. mapsontheweb:

    Most popular cornhole bag color combos by state

    *THE* University of Virginia

    (Source: samscornholebags.com)


  7. "Can you call JMU a dark horse?"

    CAA Football’s video preview of the 2014 JMU Dukes

  8. Awesome video tour of JMU’s campus. 

  9. Coach Everett Withers takes questions from state and local media on the first day of training camp for the Dukes.