1. Arthur Moats Officially Ended Brett Favre’s Streak

    Tarvaris Jackson starting Monday night’s game against the Giants (in Detroit) meant a lot of things. It meant that Brett Favre wasn’t starting, with the pain of his sprained shoulder simply too … painful (also: his hand was wayyyy too purple).

    It also meant Favre’s streak of 297 consecutive games started came to an end, more than 18 years after it began. 

    It also meant the play that ended Favre’s streak (and very possibly the play that finally causes Favre to retire) was this tackle by former JMU DL Arthur Moats

    It’s not exactly the way Moats, who is now the answer to a trivia question, wanted to make his name in the NFL:

    "If it happens, people will know my name," Moats said. "That’s not the way I want to get my name out there, for hurting somebody. I want to make more plays that that in my career."

    To his credit, Moats had been getting noticed pre-Favre hit, and on Sunday, against the Browns, he made his first ever NFL start and recorded four tackles and a strip sack. 

    Moats is definitely playing his way into an NFL job says Buffalo Rumblings

    It takes a fairly rare player to enter the NFL as a rookie and make an immediate impact as a pass rusher; even when that happens, it’s no guarantee that they’re here to stay (see: Mark Anderson). Moats’ impact, up until Sunday, had been minimal (but not insignificant), and the positive flashes he did produce were rather few and far between. Which isn’t a negative thing at all; he’s an undersized rookie sixth-round pick out of the FCS. There was going to be a transition period.